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Self Drive Hire | Ultimate Limo Hire
Ultimate Limo Hire | Self Drive Hire
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Self Drive Hire

Self Drive Hire


Those who seek adventure and luxury are invited to sample our self drive hire services. Here at Ultimate Limo Hire we pride ourselves on offering an impressive selection of luxury cars to fit all desires and occasions.


Who doesn’t deserve a bit of glamour in their lives now and again? If you’ve always dreamed of living the rockstar lifestyle then our self drive hire cars are perfect for you. Or maybe you want to impress a client to seal a business deal. Perhaps you’re looking for the ultimate way to propose in style, without having a chauffeur watching your every, awkward move as you approach the big question. Whatever reason you have, we’ve got the vehicle for you.


Rolls Royce have spent the last century making a name for themselves, and what a name it is. Of all of the cars most people want to own, a Rolls Royce is up there with the very best. Take one of our luxurious models for a spin on a week-long trip or a weekend to remember. Some may prefer the excitement of driving our Jaguar XJ, a powerful piece of engineering with an interior to envy. We offer these self drive hire cars and so many more.


If you have a particular car in mind, get in touch to see if we can provide it for you. We are constantly increasing our already expansive fleet and operate throughout the UK, meaning you won’t be left stranded wherever you are. We also offer fantastic discounts for longer bookings, through the week or on weekends, contact our friendly team for more information on how we can save you money.


And there’s no catch. If you’re aged 25 and over we can provide full insurance documentation after a thorough check. Good news for those over 30 – we can also insure you on our supercars. Ferraris and Lamborghinis await. Our self drive hire service is perfect for the independent traveller, but if you’re looking for something a little more relaxing, check out our other services.


Ultimate Limo Hire cater for birthdays, anniversaries and graduations with a wonderful range of limousines and minibuses. For all your wedding day needs, our prestige car hire is the ideal service for its professionalism and reliability. Don’t waste time hanging around the airport car park looking for a space with our fantastic airport transfer service, which offers both drop-off and pick-up options.


All of our cars come with free soft drinks to keep you refreshed, a wonderful chauffeur to take you wherever you want to go and customisation options to decorate your chosen car for any special occasion. We have over 10 years experience providing luxury vehicles, and our self drive hire cars are waiting for you to take them on the ride of your life.




Ultimate Limo Hire is a trading name of Farnells Executive Hire and is solely used for marketing purposes only